Pixel art of Andrew
Hi y’all! I’m Andrew, a Javascript Engineer and Game Designer at One More Multiverse, and at my indie studio Never Done Games. My games feature unique online multiplayer experiences where narratives are integral to the experience. If you're interested in working with me, contact me here!
Title screen of The Archipelago.

The Archipelago

The Archipelago is a visual novel about brewing tea. The teas you choose determine who you encounter in the midst of a vibrant and changing world.

Gameplay of Force Shifters, showing a blue bird flying with HP underneath, and 3 animals in boxes on the left.

Force Shifters

Force Shifters is a strategic turn-based battler featuring a two-player competitive story mode! Releasing 2023.

A moustached cartoon sculpted character is balancing on a tiny boat while trying to cook.

Soup de Journey: Slice, Chop, and Steer Your Way to Culinary Mastery

In Soup de Journey: Slice, Chop, and Steer Your Way to Culinary Mastery, you are a famous chef who has taken to the water to bring his delicious soups to a whole archipelago! The problem: you have to steer your boat at the same time as you cook your soup! Can you steer your boat to its destination while preparing a delicious tomato soup?

A pixelated farm 6x6 grid with coloured seeds and plants scatted across it. There are also plants in pots at the bottom of the screen.

Growing Watermelons

A grid-based gardening puzzle game where you use your crops to grow as many watermelons as possible. Created originally for the McGill Game Jam, and released using Unity3D.

A few lines of code showing a template function that returns some html.

Iron Frame

Desiugned and led a workshop for the Toronto JS community, guiding attendees on creating their own front-end framework from scratch using vanilla JavaScript, and teaching fundamental front-end concepts.

A sleeping skeletal beast is displayed.

Global Game Jam 2020

A HTML5 game created for the Global Game Jam 2020. The Phaser javascript canvas library was used.

A isometric blue house with a yellow person.

Procjam 2018

Made an isometric house generator for Procjam 2018. Phaser was used for the canvas rendering engine.

A 3d flat plane has a few primitive shapes with various particle effects.


A game inspired by the games I had been playing at the time, Battlerite and Nintendoland. Created in a few days using Unity3D

A digitally illustrated drawing of a pastel landscape with plant-like round houses and a person sitting on a hill peacefully.

Worldbot Exhibit

A virtual exhibit demonstrating the 'Worldbot' tool that I developed for Kaelan Doyle-Myerscough's piece for Remote Realities. Used p5.js for the canvas rendering engine.

One Hour World Builders logo and inputs for roomname, username, and a button to enter.

One Hour World Builders Web

Converting the card game One Hour World Builders to a real-time web based multiplayer game. Used React, Typescript, Node, and Socket.io.

The text "What types are Ghost pokemon weak to" followed by a selection of all pokemon types


Creating a skill-testing game for pokemon type weaknesses. Used to explore and learn the Svelte framework.