A person watching the sunset on a mountain. This could be me.
Hi. I'm Andrew Tran, a software engineer focused on making fun, interactive websites, games, and networked experiences, with a passion for music and food. If you're interested in working with me, contact me here!
A moustached cartoon sculpted character is balancing on a tiny boat while trying to cook.

Soup de Journey: Slice, Chop, and Steer Your Way to Culinary Mastery

In Soup de Journey: Slice, Chop, and Steer Your Way to Culinary Mastery, you are a famous chef who has taken to the water to bring his delicious soups to a whole archipelago! The problem: you have to steer your boat at the same time as you cook your soup! Can you steer your boat to its destination while preparing a delicious tomato soup?

A pixelated farm 6x6 grid with coloured seeds and plants scatted across it. There are also plants in pots at the bottom of the screen.

Growing Watermelons

A grid-based gardening puzzle game where you use your crops to grow as many watermelons as possible. Created originally for the McGill Game Jam, and released using Unity3D.

A few lines of code showing a template function that returns some html.

Iron Frame

Desiugned and led a workshop for the Toronto JS community, guiding attendees on creating their own front-end framework from scratch using vanilla JavaScript, and teaching fundamental front-end concepts.

A sleeping skeletal beast is displayed.

Global Game Jam 2020

A HTML5 game created for the Global Game Jam 2020. The Phaser javascript canvas library was used.

A isometric blue house with a yellow person.

Procjam 2018

Made an isometric house generator for Procjam 2018. Phaser was used for the canvas rendering engine.

A 3d flat plane has a few primitive shapes with various particle effects.


A game inspired by the games I had been playing at the time, Battlerite and Nintendoland. Created in a few days using Unity3D

A digitally illustrated drawing of a pastel landscape with plant-like round houses and a person sitting on a hill peacefully.

Worldbot Exhibit

A virtual exhibit demonstrating the 'Worldbot' tool that I developed for Kaelan Doyle-Myerscough's piece for Remote Realities. Used p5.js for the canvas rendering engine.

One Hour World Builders logo and inputs for roomname, username, and a button to enter.

One Hour World Builders Web

Converting the card game One Hour World Builders to a real-time web based multiplayer game. Used React, Typescript, Node, and Socket.io.

The text "What types are Ghost pokemon weak to" followed by a selection of all pokemon types


Creating a skill-testing game for pokemon type weaknesses. Used to explore and learn the Svelte framework.